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Event booking & registration add-on, with additional shortcodes & widgets, and support for advanced event-venue queries.

Some of the extensions below are bundled with the Event Organiser Pro Business or Developer license, these extensions are marked below by Business and Developer


Event Organiser FES

Event Organiser Frontend Submissions (FES) allows you to quickly and easily create forms by which your visitors can submit events to your site. Flexible event forms Decide what appears on the form, where and which parts must be filled in. …

Event Organiser CSV

This plug-in allows to import events from a CSV file into Event Organiser. You can also export events from Event Organiser into a CSV file. Please note that this plug-in still in beta. I welcome feedback, issues and pull-requests. How …


Event Organiser VAT

This extension allows you to set a VAT rate to be automatically added to the total checkout price. Ticket prices should be given without VAT applied when set in the admin. To set the VAT rate go to Settings > …

Event Organiser Discount Codes

This plug-in allows you to create discount codes for bookings made with Event Organiser Pro. Create percentage or fixed-amount discounts Allows you to specify a minimum requirement (number of tickets or booking amount) before a discount code can be used …


Sigma Theme

Sigma is a lightweight and responsive theme, with a fluid grid system based on getskeleton.com that adapts your website to mobiles, tablets and desktop devices. The theme comes Event Organiser ready, with specifically designed templates for event, venue and category …

Event Organiser Stripe Gateway

Sell tickets without users ever leaving your site. This Stripe gateway add-on allows you to accept credit card payments for events without the customer ever leaving your site. If you offer multiple gateways the credit card form appears when the …


Event Organiser Posterboard

Event Organiser Posterboard adds a shortcode that allows you to display your events in a poster board format. To display the posterboard, simply use [event_board] shortcode on a page or post (full width pages work best). Minimum requirements WordPress 3.3 …

Event Organiser Venue Markers

Assign venues custom markers for Google maps. Choose from over 150 provdied markers, or upload your own.


Event Organiser ICAL Sync

Automatically import events from an iCal feed. Events will be automatically updated to reflect changes in the feed. This add-on allows you to manage your events from Google.