Event Organiser Posterboard

Event Organiser Posterboard adds a shortcode that allows you to display your events in a poster board format. To display the posterboard, simply use [event_board] shortcode on a page or post (full width pages work best).

Minimum requirements

  • WordPress 3.3
  • Requires Event Organiser 2.2+ (free)
  • City, state and country filters require Pro

Example Usage



Using Filters

You can add filters at the top of the event board to filter the events. Supported filters include:

  • venue
  • category
  • city (Pro only)
  • state (Pro only)
  • country (Pro only)

For example

 [event_board filter="state"]

You can display multiple filters by listing them as a comma delimited list

 [event_board filter="venue,category"]

Posterboard Template

By default the plug-in uses the template found in event-organiser-event-board/templates. To edit the template (single-event-board-item.html), simply copy it into your theme and edit it there. Please note that the template uses underscore.js templating.

Download (free)