Event Organiser 3.2.0

Event Organiser 3.2.0 is a minor update. The majority of the changes were minor bug fixes and updates to the translation file. One new addition was that the default page title for event pages (e.g. ‘Events at venue>’ and ‘Event Category: ‘) are now filterable via the eventorganiser_event_properties filter.

The eventorganiser_event_properties filters all the properties that are passed to WordPress when the event post type is registered. This includes a label property, which consists of a collection of label keys and values. Most of these refer to the typical labels relating to post types listed on this page. In addition to those labels, Event Organiser adds additional labels that are used by the plug-in.

These now include:

Label Location Default value
events_at_venue /events/venue/<venue> Events at %s
events_in_cat /events/venue/<category> Event Category: %s
events_in_tag /events/venue/<tag> Event Tag: %s
events_on_date /events/on/yyyy/mm/dd Events: %s
events_in_month /events/on/yyyy/mm Events: %s
events_in_year /events/on/yyyy Events: %s