Event Organiser Stripe 2.1.3

Versions 2.1.2 and earlier incorrectly charged customers when used with a zero-decimal currency (such as the Yen). For such currencies, the customer would be charged 100 times the intended amount.

This occurred because an adjustment that needs to be made for currencies with a decimal amount (e.g. the dollar and the pound, which have cents and pence) was being incorrectly applied to zero-decimal currencies.

Stripe expected the amount in the smallest unit of the currency. For the majority of currencies this means multiplying the total amount by 100 to convert it from the typically used ‘pound’ unit to the ‘pence’ unit. Currencies which do not have a decimal amount require not adjustment.

This issue was reported here and fixed in Event Organiser Stripe 2.1.3.

The issue effects only the Stripe gateway, and zero-decimal currencies.