Event Organiser Authorize.net

Sell tickets without users ever leaving your site.

This Authorize.net gateway add-on allows you to accept credit card payments for events via your Authorize.net account without the customer ever leaving your site.

If you offer multiple gateways the credit card form appears when the gateway is selected. The credit card form, as with the rest of the booking form can be completely tailored to your site and needs, resulting in a more seamless experience for your users, and an increase in sales.

Once you’ve activated this plug-in, simply enter your API credentials for the Authorizet.net gateway in Settings > Event Organiser > Bookings. You can find more details about this extension on its documentation page.

Requires Event Organiser 2.7 or higher and Event Organiser Pro 1.8 or higher.

How Do I Get My API credentials?

To get started with the Authorize.net extension you’ll need your merchant API ID (this is not the same as your Authorize.net log-in ID) and your merchant transaction key. Details on how to obtain these are found here.

Do I need an SSL Certificate?

Yes, in order to process transactions in a secure manner you will need to purchase an SSL Certificate. Contact your host about getting one installed. Once installed there are multiple plugins that allow you to enforce that SSL be used on any relevant pages.

In this case, any page on which a booking form appears.

You do not need it one while using the gateway in sandbox mode.

Do I need to ensure I’m PCI compliant?

Yes. The plug-in doesn’t store any credit card details, but it does process them. You’ll need to ensure your servers are PCI compliant. For more details please https://www.pcisecuritystandards.org/

Purchase below, or get it free when you purchase Event Organiser Pro with the Developer license. All licenses are valid for one year.