Event Organiser CSV

This plug-in allows to import events from a CSV file into Event Organiser. You can also export events from Event Organiser into a CSV file.

Please note that this plug-in still in beta. I welcome feedback, issues and pull-requests.

How to use this plug-in

Once installed, go to Tools > Import Events. Here you can export a CSV file or select a file to import one. To import an file:

  • Select browse and select the file, click “Upload file and import”
  • All being well you should now see a preview of the CSV file, along with a drop-down option at the base of each column. If the preview looks wrong, try selecting a different delimiter type (comma, tab, space) at the top.
  • If the first row of the CSV file is a header, select the option indicating this. The first row will then be ignored.
  • At the bottom of each column select what the column represents. The options are (not all a required):
    • Title
    • Start (formatted in Y-m-d format, and also indicating time only if the event is not all-day)
    • End (formatted as above)
    • Recur until (if the event recurs, the date of its last occurrence)
    • Recurrence Schedule (if the event recurs, how it repeats: (once|daily|weekly|monthly|yearly|custom).
    • Recurrence Frequency (if the event recurs, an integer indicating with what frequency)
    • Schedule Meta (See documentation for eo_insert_post(), e.g. “MO,TU,THR” (weekly), “BYDAY=2MO” or “BYMONTHDAY=16” (monthly)
    • Content (HTML post content)
    • Venue (Venue slug)
    • Categories (comma seperated list of category slugs)
    • Tags (comma seperated list of tag slugs)
    • Include dates (comma seperated list of Y-m-d dates to include from the event’s schedule)
    • Exclude dates (as above, but added to the event’s schedule)
    • Post Meta (an option will appear to provide the meta-key)
    • Click import.


Future Features

  • Support venue meta data
  • Support category colours
  • Add filters for developers
  • Add support for UID to prevent importing an event twice (perhaps, update the event?)
  • Add support ‘maps’ for importing from other applications (where format of exported CSV file is prescribed).
  • Support generic date formatting (try to ‘guess’ / ask for format )

Download (free)