Event Organiser iDeal

iDEAL is the most widely used payment method in the Netherlands. This Mollie iDeal gateway add-on allows customers to transfer the payment directly from their bank account via a secure and familiar interface provided by their own bank.

You can get set up with Mollie iDeal in minutes. Once you’ve activated this plug-in, simply enter your API keys in Settings > Event Organiser > Bookings and enable the iDeal payment option.

Do I need an SSL Certificate?

No, the user is redirected to a secure environment provided by the customer’s only bank. No credit card details or bank account numbers are received, processed, sent or stored by the plugin. Once the user confirms the payment, they are redirected back to your site.

Do I need to ensure I’m PCI compliant?

No, for the same reasons above: no sensitive payment information (bank account numbers, credit cards, etc) are stored on your site.

What are the minimum requirements?

Event Organiser iDeal requires Event Organiser 2.7+ and Event Organiser Pro 1.7+

Purchase below, or get it free when you purchase Event Organiser Pro with the Developer license. All licenses are valid for one year.