Event Organiser Pro 2.0-Beta available

Event Organiser Pro 2.0 is the first major update since its initial release. A lot of the changes are under the hood, but there are a number of key features that have been requested that are included in this release, and these are listed below. Pro 2.0 has been tested internally, and by a select …

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Event Organiser Stripe 2.1.3

Versions 2.1.2 and earlier incorrectly charged customers when used with a zero-decimal currency (such as the Yen). For such currencies, the customer would be charged 100 times the intended amount. This occurred because an adjustment that needs to be made for currencies with a decimal amount (e.g. the dollar and the pound, which have cents …

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Event Organiser 3.2.0

Event Organiser 3.2.0 is a minor update. The majority of the changes were minor bug fixes and updates to the translation file. One new addition was that the default page title for event pages (e.g. ‘Events at venue>’ and ‘Event Category: ‘) are now filterable via the eventorganiser_event_properties filter. The eventorganiser_event_properties filters all the properties …

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Event Organiser Pro 1.11.10 releases & Event Organiser FES 1.3.9 release

There have been recent bug-fix releases for Pro and FES extensions. Both of these fixes an issue with the select, radio and checkbox fields in the booking / event submission forms. Specifically users can modify the HTML of those fields in the browser to submit whatever value they like. While there is no security implications …

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Event Organiser Posterboard 3.0.0

Event Organiser Posterboard 3.0.0 was released today. This a major release, which includes breaking changes (changes which alter the default behaviour of the plug-in). In most cases no action is required unless you wish to restore the default behaviour. The breaking changes are: 1. The filter behaviour has changed The biggest complaint with the plug-in …

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Event Organiser 3.1.4

Event Organiser 3.1.4 was released earlier today. It is a minor bugfix release. Both version 3.1.3 and 3.1.4 have been fully tested with WordPress 4.6+.

Event Organiser iCal Sync 2.3.0

Version 2.3.0 of Event Organiser iCal was released yesterday. This included some minor bug fixes and also added a feed option to import the feed into a particular venue

Google Maps now requires an API key

Google Maps unfortunately now requires an API key in order for your site to use maps. This requirement applies to sites using maps from the 22nd June. Sites which had already used Google maps before then should find that the maps still function without a key. Details of that arrangement and the requirement to register …

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Event Organiser Stripe 2.1.2

This is a minor bugfix update which addresses the following: Adds support for translations Adds Swedish translation Fixes a bug where the ‘book now’ button was not locked during Stripe API calls

FES 1.3.5 Security Release

An update for the front-end submissions extension was released today. This update includes a fix for a security vulnerability relating to Event thumbnails. Only sites allowing users to upload an event thumbnail are affected. The bug allows users, under certain circumstances, to circumvent the upload file type and size checks. Such files are still subject …

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