Event Organiser Posterboard 3.0.0

Event Organiser Posterboard 3.0.0 was released today. This a major release, which includes breaking changes (changes which alter the default behaviour of the plug-in).

In most cases no action is required unless you wish to restore the default behaviour.

The breaking changes are:

1. The filter behaviour has changed
The biggest complaint with the plug-in was that filtering acted in the opposite way in which many people selected. Clicking a filter would remove it from the posterboard. This behaviour has now changed: clicking a filter will only show events matching that filter. So if you click category ‘party’ and venue ‘Akva’ you’ll see party events at Akva only.

If you want to restore the default behaviour, simply use the reversed attributed:

 [event_board reversed="true"]

2. The HTML mark-up and CSS have changed

You only need to concern yourself with these changes if you have added CSS styles to your theme to alter the appearance of the board. If you have, you may need to update some of the selectors you have used.

There have been a number of changes to allow the use of multiple boards on one page. The following selectors changed

was is now
#event-board .eo-event-board
#event-board-filters .eo-event-board-filters
#event-board-items .eo-event-board-items
#event-board-more .eo-event-board-more