Event Organiser Stripe 2.1.3

Versions 2.1.2 and earlier incorrectly charged customers when used with a zero-decimal currency (such as the Yen). For such currencies, the customer would be charged 100 times the intended amount. This occurred because an adjustment that needs to be made for currencies with a decimal amount (e.g. the dollar and the pound, which have cents …

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Event Organiser 3.2.0

Event Organiser 3.2.0 is a minor update. The majority of the changes were minor bug fixes and updates to the translation file. One new addition was that the default page title for event pages (e.g. ‘Events at venue>’ and ‘Event Category: ‘) are now filterable via the eventorganiser_event_properties filter. The eventorganiser_event_properties filters all the properties …

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Event Organiser Pro 1.10.6

This a minor patch release which addresses the following: An incompatibility with the soon to be released WordPress 4.3 A missing anchor tag in the Dutch translation If you run WordPress 4.3 with Event Organiser Pro 1.10.5 or earlier, then the bookings admin a screen will not display any bookings.

Event Organiser 2.13.6

Event Organiser 2.13.6 has been released. This update addresses an incomparability with the soon to be released WordPress 4.3. When running WordPress 4.3 with Event Organiser 2.13.5 or earlier, the venue admin screen will not display any venues.

Event Organiser FES 1.2: Frontend Editing

Event Organiser FES 1.2.0 has now been released. This release fixes a few minor bugs, but is largely focussed on one new feature: front-end editing (of submitted events). Firstly, this is not enabled by default, and there is no UI option for it (at present). Instead, to enable this feature add: define( ‘EVENT_ORGANISER_FES_FRONTEND_EDITING’, true ); …

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Event Organiser 2.12.0 released

Event Organiser 2.12.0 was released today. It includes a number of bug fixes, including pre-emptive changes to ensure WordPress 4.2 compatibility. WordPress 4.2 compatibility WordPress 4.2 will introduce a breaking change. If you update to 2.12.0+ before or after updating to WordPress 4.2 (expected April 2015) then you shouldn’t encounter any problems. Although this issue …

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Event Organiser Discount Codes 1.1

The discount codes extension for Event Organiser was released earlier today. This is a fairly minor update which fixes a minor JavaScript bug and adds four filters (2 client site, 2 server side): eventorganiser.is_discount_valid – filters whether a discount is valid, client side eventorganiser_is_discount_code_valid – filters whether a discount is valid, server side eventorganiser.discount filters …

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iCal Sync 1.2 Released

Fresh of the back of Event Organiser 2.4 and the improvements added into the iCal parser, this update of iCal Sync not only takes advantage of the added support, but also now provides much better feedback on feed errors or warnings. Improved Timezone Recognition iCal Sync now is much better at interpreting timezones (and there …

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1.4 Released

First of all a big thank you to all those who took 1.4 for an early spin and tested out the beta-versions. After some thorough testing I’m confident 1.4 is the best and most stable release to date. A summary of the features added can be found here, but they include the much requested ‘Simple …

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Pro 1.1 – What’s New

1.1 is about be released this week so I’d share with you some of the updates that shall be included: What’s in 1.1 Guest booking options 1.0 gave you the option of only allowing logged in users to place bookings. Or you could allow guests to place bookings, but they would be created an account. …

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