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    Thanks for this plugin. It works quite well. However, being a newbie I cannot get the venue to appear in the event list nor in the post when I click on the event on the list. Please visit my website at and see the Events Widget in Footer Slot 4. It does not give details of the venue in the list or when an event is clicked. I’ve search the forums for a solution but I can’t seem to pinpoint one. Would you be able to help me?




    Hi Chris,

    No worries – I still need to work on documentation for that. The widget accepts a ‘template’ field – this isn’t a template file but more of a placeholder to determine what shows for each event (e.g %event_content% etc). The available placeholder tags are listed on this page (they can also be used with the shortcode):

    For the actual events page you need to edit the single-event.php template. (See this page). The available functions you can use to display details etc can be found here (click the function for details, and examples of usage). If you the documentation isn’t sufficient (missing examples). Just post a question on the forums on what exactly you want to do and I’ll be happy to help (and also update the documentation).

    You’re probably after the eo_get_venue_address() function.

    Stephen Harris

    So I think I fixed this a few weeks ago, but I just updated and of course, I’m having this problem again (venue doesn’t show up on the event page). Why is it that you enter the venue info by default, but it doesn’t show up by default? Odd.



    It was initially because the templates were only intended as a placeholders. I wanted just the bare minimum on there as what people want to appear (and where and how) varies from site to site. I’m planning on changing this though:

    If you create your own template in the theme folder then it survives any updates, and the plug-in won’t use the default ones.

    Stephen Harris
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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