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    Client uses Event Organizer Pro to handle registrations for classes/seminars. Yesterday they had a database corruption issue that forced a backup to be imported to a new database and connected to the site.

    During that process they lost about 15 or so signups, so I am looking for a way to export/import the signups on the original database. I could key manually if needed, but would rather do it all at once, but looking for guidance before I poke around the db.

    Marv Dorner

    Hi Marv,

    There’s no straightforward way of doing this that doesn’t involve using MySQL. Bookings them selves are posts, and some booking data (such as the data collected in the booking form) is stored a post meta. Tickets, however, are stored in the eo_booking_tickets table and are linked to the booking via its (post) ID. Additionally tickets can have meta data stored against them in eo_booking_ticketmeta.

    The best way would be to pull out the bookings from wp_posts database, along with any associated wp_posmeta records, and then pull out the associated eo_booking_tickets and eo_booking_ticketmeta

    Stephen Harris
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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