Stripe Gateway SCA regulations

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    Hi Stephen, do you plan on updating the Event Organiser Stripe Gateway extension to support the upcoming Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) payment regulations? See

    Our transactions are high value and we are concerned that we will see an increase in declined transactions if we have not implemented SCA when regulations come into force this September.

    Thanks, David

    SRUC Webmaster

    Hi David,

    Yes, I’m looking updating the checkout flow to support 3DS2 – this will likely involve updating to Stripe Elements and their Payment Intent API

    Stephen Harris

    Is there any update on this?

    Tom Beavan

    Hi Tom,

    Yes, there are gateway updates available but to be SCA compliant you will also need to be running Event Organiser Pro 3 (

    You should update the gateways first.

    That is currently available as a beta. If you would like, I can send that over to you.

    Stephen Harris

    Hey Stephen,

    I have renewed my licence for pro and for the Stripe gateway, installed and cannot see anything different on the website frontend? Its the same checkout flow as previous? Are the plugins I downloaded as part of the renewal not the ones I need? Do you have to send them?

    Any help and a swift response would be MUCH appreciated as need to get this done before Friday.

    Kind Regards

    Tom Beavan

    Hi Tom,

    I’ve emailed you Pro 3, which is available on request to existing customers. Because of the breaking changes I’m staging the roll-out so as to better support customers who need to be SCA ready.

    Stephen Harris

    Hi Stephen,

    Am now using the Event Organiser Pro v3 but when a booking is made it is NOT recording the Payment Gateway anymore? When I view the booking in the admin its an empty field?

    Please can you look into the plugin issue?

    Kind Regards

    Tom Beavan

    Hi Tom,

    This a result of the payment being separated from making a booking.

    Longer term I’m looking to provide the ability to charge a deposit, with the remainder paid at a later date.

    What this means is that bookings don’t have a gateway associated with them, instead they’d have one or more payments associated with them, and they’d be associated with a gateway.

    For now I can restore the gateway meta data on the booking.

    Stephen Harris

    Hi Stephen, thanks for your work on this – we have upgraded a staging environment to the following, running in Stripe Sandbox Mode:

    • Event Organiser Pro 3.0.3
    • Event Organiser Stripe 2.2.2

    I’ve successfully updated custom functionality we had hooked into eventorganiser_stripe_create_charge (filling event title, start date, booking id and bookee email into Stripe’s description field), now using eventorganiser_stripe_create_payment_intent as per and this is working well.

    I’ve noticed some unexpected behaviour with Stripe’s test cards.

    Test payments using a standard card number e.g. 4242424242424242 work as expected.

    However testing using a regulatory card number e.g. 4000002500003155 always fails with “An unknown error has occurred”, even if I click “Complete Authentication” on the 3D secure test modal.

    3D Secure Test Payment Page:

    Event Organiser Pro Error Message

    Have you tested a regulatory card number in a sandbox environment? Do you experience the same?

    Thanks, David

    SRUC Webmaster

    Hi David,

    I have – with a combination of SCA and non-SCA test cards.

    I’ll get back to you on the card number I used and will test that one too.

    In the meantime, if you add

    define('EVENTORGANISER_DEBUG', 'debug');

    to your config and check the wp-content directory for the log file, hopefully that will contain more information.

    Stephen Harris

    Hi David,

    I had tested with these cards: 4000008400001629 and 4000000000003220,

    but regardless, I got the same error as yourself when I tried just now. There appears to have been a bug introduced between 2.2.0 and 2.2.1 version of the strip extension that impacted 3DS2-challenged cards. I’ve updated the plug-in to fix this (2.2.3).

    Stephen Harris

    Thanks Stephen, I can confirm that upgrading to Event Organiser Stripe 2.2.3 has resolved this issue.

    Best Regards,

    SRUC Webmaster

    Hi Stephen, we have discovered a different issue with the Stripe payment plugin which is puzzling us. Users see a different booking confirmation message depending on whether they’re logged in or not (we have “Allow Logged-out Users to place bookings?” configured as “Yes but do not register an account”) within Event Organiser settings on the backend.

    When a non-logged in user makes Stripe payment for an event they see a “Booking pending confirmation” message as follows:

    However in the backend their booking is shown as confirmed:

    When a logged in user makes Stripe payment they see a “Booking confirmed” message as follows:

    Their booking is also shown as confirmed in the backend:

    Is this intended behaviour? Is there a configuration option we are overlooking? I’m fairly sure this didn’t occur previously.

    Thanks, David

    SRUC Webmaster

    Hi David,

    No, that isn’t intended behaviour, but I can’t replicate it either. Can you reliably reproduce this?

    My best guess is that the non-logged-in user’s request to get the booking is being cached. Do you have anything on the site that would cache logged-out users? This would explain why there is a difference between logged-in and non-logged-in users, and it would explain why they’re seeing the booking status as ‘pending’ rather than completed (they’re seeing the cached status).

    The request in question is /wp-json/eventorg/v1/booking-session which fetches the booking based on a session cookie.

    Stephen Harris

    Thanks Stephen, we’re hosted on WP Engine and they do implement extensive caching so I’ll reach out to their support and update this once I have an answer.

    SRUC Webmaster
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