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    Is it possible to choose to have the Stripe gateway only?

    There have been a number of instances where the PayPal transaction failed to complete leaving the the ticket booking “pending”, which causes stress and hassle for both the customer and myself. I understand that the PayPal gateway is the dufault payment gateway for the plug-in and so can’t be removed, but I would just like the option to turn it off when not needed.


    Kim Harding

    Yes, you can enable/disable any gateway. To do this go to Settings > Event Organiser > Bookings. Each gateway will have the option of “sandbox”, “production”, or “disabled”.

    Stephen Harris

    D’oh! Of course, how did I miss that, Thanks!

    Just one thing, when I disable PayPal and only have payment via Stripe, the credit card logos disappear, which makes the card payment less obvious and less trust worth (see

    With PayPal With PayPal

    Without PayPal Without PayPal

    Is there anyway to change this styling and get the logos back?

    Kim Harding
    Stephen Harris

    The icons appear as apart of the gateway choice, which is why they disappear when. there is no choice.

    What you could do is add an HTML element immediately before the gateway element in the form customizer, and include images in that.

    Stephen Harris

    OK, how do I do that? Which file would need to be modified?

    Kim Harding

    You wouldn’t need to modify a file. Just go to Settings > Event Organiser > Booking Form. Add an HTML element to the appropriate form and place it just above the gateway element. Then enter in any of the HTML you like. (You could get the mark-up of the images the Stripe gateway option uses by enabling another gateway, and doing inspect element in your browser).

    Stephen Harris

    Ah, OK, I get it now! Yes that works nicely.

    Sorry for asking daft questions.

    Kim Harding

    Not at all 🙂

    Stephen Harris
Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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