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    I have an event where there is two tickets available – one for the main event and one for an optional extension taking place after the main event.

    Currently if a person purchases 1 main event and 1 extension, the admin bookings list shows 2 attendees even though it is the same person. (see attached image)

    Is it possible to either:
    1. adjust the attendee count to only show the main event attendees; or
    2. add an extra attendee count so instead of “17 attendees” it shows “17 main event | 12 extension”

    I know it is possible to get the list of attendees by downloading the bookings and tickets CSV and cross referencing but this would be an easier way for my client to quickly check the progress of bookings and how many were attending each event.

    Thanks in advance!

    enter image description here

    Joe Fairlamb

    any ideas? or is this in the too hard basket

    Joe Fairlamb

    Hi Joe,

    Unfortunately each ticket for each event (even with the same name) is a different ticket. So to get a count for each ticket type for each booking is potentially quite expensive.

    However, if you wanted to implement it yourself you could use this function:

    eventorganiser_get_confirmed_numbers( $event_id, $occurrence_id );

    It returns an array of objects indexed by ticket type ID, and the object gives the number of confirmed tickets under the property confirmed.

    That function is marked as a private function (intended for internal use only) – so you may want to write an automated test for it in case it changes behaviour (however there are no plains to change its behaviour).

    Stephen Harris

    Thanks Stephen, appreciate your help
    sounds like a challenge! ill give it a crack

    Joe Fairlamb
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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