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    Brilliant, thank you Stephen

    There’s just one more detail I can’t find. I want to pass the Booking ID in the statement descriptor as follows:

    add_filter('eventorganiser_stripe_create_payment_intent', function($intent, $booking){
     $bookee = $booking->get_bookee();
     $bookable = $booking->get_bookable();
     $event_id = (int) $bookable->get_event_id();
     $description = 'IC:'.***NEED Booking ID here***;
     // Make sure the string has less than 22 characters - otherwise doesn't seem to appear in Bank statements
     $shortdescription = substr($description,0,21);
     // Add meta details to Stripe
     $intent['metadata']['eventname'] = get_the_title($event_id);
     $intent['metadata']['bookee_fname'] = $bookee->get_first_name();
     $intent['metadata']['bookee_lname'] = $bookee->get_last_name();
     $intent['metadata']['bookee_email'] = $bookee->get_email();
     // Sets statement descriptors for stripe to send to banks
     $intent['statement_descriptor'] = $shortdescription;
     return $intent;
    }, 10, 2 );

    Any help would be fantastic

    Wil McDonald

    Hi Will,


    returns the booking ID.

    Stephen Harris

    Fantastic, thank you. Works well.

    Wil McDonald

    I just tried the code above but this don’t work for me. Stripe only shows the Booking Reference Number. Have there been any changes in the meantime?

    Le Re

    Hi Chris,

    There’s been no changes since my last reply on November 7th.

    Where are you putting that code snippet?

    What you can do is add an error_log call to determine if that code is being executed at all.

    Stephen Harris

    Hi Stephen, thank you for your reply. After putting the code to the site-utility it works. Thanks. One last question, how can i use the email-adress as the stripe receipt-email – (To trigger an automatic receipt after the payment is complete)
    Thanks Chris

    Le Re

    Hi Chris,

    In the above snippet you can add

    $intent['receipt_email'] = $bookee->get_email();
    Stephen Harris

    Perfect, thank you!

    Le Re
Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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