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    Brilliant, thank you Stephen

    There’s just one more detail I can’t find. I want to pass the Booking ID in the statement descriptor as follows:

    add_filter('eventorganiser_stripe_create_payment_intent', function($intent, $booking){
     $bookee = $booking->get_bookee();
     $bookable = $booking->get_bookable();
     $event_id = (int) $bookable->get_event_id();
     $description = 'IC:'.***NEED Booking ID here***;
     // Make sure the string has less than 22 characters - otherwise doesn't seem to appear in Bank statements
     $shortdescription = substr($description,0,21);
     // Add meta details to Stripe
     $intent['metadata']['eventname'] = get_the_title($event_id);
     $intent['metadata']['bookee_fname'] = $bookee->get_first_name();
     $intent['metadata']['bookee_lname'] = $bookee->get_last_name();
     $intent['metadata']['bookee_email'] = $bookee->get_email();
     // Sets statement descriptors for stripe to send to banks
     $intent['statement_descriptor'] = $shortdescription;
     return $intent;
    }, 10, 2 );

    Any help would be fantastic

    Wil McDonald

    Hi Will,


    returns the booking ID.

    Stephen Harris

    Fantastic, thank you. Works well.

    Wil McDonald
Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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