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    Hi – I am setting up a page where I would like to include events but only for certain venues. I have used the shortcode:
    [event_board event_venue=’venue 1,venue 2,venue 3′]
    and when I have 3 venues as above, it works fine. Once I add a fourth venue, then it just doesn’t load – you get the ‘loading’ circle thing but it never resolves.
    Is there a more efficient way of doing this?
    Could I use a custom field on the Venue record? If so, what would the shortcode parameters be?
    Many thanks

    Susie Brew

    Or I could select them by the first line of the venue address if there is shortcode for that?

    Susie Brew

    I have been looking at the shortcode and I have a couple of observations which I am not sure will help or not – if I use & rather than ‘and’ in the title of a venue, it seems to go into the ‘loading’ process and never resolve.<br />
    A new venue added today just does not appear although it should – it did have & in the name but now has ‘and’ in the name.
    If the venue has & then the page just sits saying loading
    If it has ‘and’ then it loads, but the events for that particular venue just don’t appear at all
    Have a look at the page – – you have to scroll down to the events section. You will see events for JW Fine Foods, Equilibrium and Whitehall Garden Centre, but not for Paper & Smiles
    If you have a look via the search bar for paper and smiles, you will get the events up – they are there, but not on the Discover Woodborough Yard page!

    Susie Brew

    Hi there – has anyone had a chance to look at my problem please? I need to get this page sorted out (and I am a premium customer) so would be grateful for a solution.
    Many thanks

    Susie Brew

    Hi Susie,

    My apologies for the delay in getting a response.

    Of the venues that do work, do any of them have spaces in the name?

    The venue attribute should be the slug of the the venue you can find this on the Venues admin page. Does that work?

    The presence of & shouldn’t cause the page not to load – even if wouldn’t load the events. That sounds like a separate issue, so I’ll take a look at that too.

    Stephen Harris

    To follow up on this, I’ve tested this on my local install, and – although not by design – you should be able to use the title (assuming it doesn’t contain a comma).instead of the slug. Additionally, I found it still worked even with a ‘&’.

    However, in my browser I changed the server request from Paper and Smiles to paper-smiles and it brought back the request. So in your case, using the slug should fix the issue.

    Stephen Harris

    Hi Stephen
    Thanks for getting back to me – it does work with paper-smiles. Just to make sure I have understood, the slug is the final part of the permalink on the record?<br />
    Thank you

    Susie Brew

    That’s correct. You can see it on the right hand side on the venues admin page.

    Stephen Harris
Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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