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    Is it possible to have the option of a name anchor in the event booking form? It would useful to be able to link to the booking form in the event page without the user need to scroll down to find it.

    Kim Harding
    Stephen Harris

    Couldn’t find anything in the plugin documentation about it, how do I get it to work?

    Kim Harding

    You just need to append #eo-bookings to the event URL. Are you asking how you actually do that? Where do you want the booking-form targeted link to appear?

    Stephen Harris

    I couldn’t find in the documentation to say that it existed in the first place and ended up modifying the plug in script to achieve the same thing, having spent ages looking for into in the documentation and not finding any.

    I have a page with buy tickets here a listing, something people have requested as they won’t go to an event page and scroll down to where the ticketing form is.

    Kim Harding

    So the page that’s listing the ‘buy ticket’ links – are using [eo_events] shortcode for that? If so, are you using the template file or placeholder tags?

    Stephen Harris

    The ‘buy ticket’ links have been put in manually, I wasn’t aware that I could do this with shortcode. Looking at the event list shortcode page ( I don’t see how to do it there either.

    Clearly the Event Organiser package is very powerful and I am only just starting to scratch the surface.

    Kim Harding

    Ok, well adding the #eo-bookings to the URL should be sufficient.

    If you were generating the links via some PHP code I could show you how to adapt that. Alternatively, if you were using the [eo_events] shortcode you could do something like:

    [eo_events] %event_title% on %start{jS M Y}{ g:i:a}%, at %event_venue% - <a href="%event_url%#eo-bookings">buy now!</a> [/eo_events]

    or edit the template file.

    Stephen Harris
Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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