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    It seems that Event Organizer Pro does not handle multi-day events such as retreats very well. Ideally, it should display all 4 or 5 days of the event as being one event. Right now it only displays the first day of the event, which is misleading. It would be wonderful if this purchased widget had more features to handle retreats events, which are almost always multi-day events that people pay for as one block or unit. Thank you.

    Natalie Marquis

    Hi Natalie,

    This can be done, depending on how you wish to set up the event. You could create the retreat as a recurring event (e.g. an event on Monday, which then repeats on each day until the Friday). Then the plug-in will display all the dates. If you wish to sell tickets for the entire block (as opposed to being able to purchase a ticket for each date) you could do that by selling tickets ‘by series’.

    A multi-day or long single event is effectively that: the occurrence is Monday-Friday, not Monday, Tuesday, …, etc – if you need to break down that occurrence into separate blocks then a recurring event might be the best solution.

    Of course, if you still wanted to display all the days of a mult-day event you could do that with a few lines of code, simply iterating over the days of the event:

    $start = eo_get_the_start( DATETIMEOBJ );
    $end = eo_get_the_start( DATETIMEOBJ );
    echo 'This event is on: <br/>';
    while ( $start <= $end ) {
          echo eo_format_datetime( $start, 'l, jS F' ) . '<br/>';
          $start->modify( '+1 day' );

    Which will print something like:

    This event is on
    Monday, 17th August
    Tuesday, 18th August
    Wednsday, 19th August
    Thursday, 20th August
    Friday, 21st August

    Stephen Harris

    Hi Stephen and thanks for this great plugin.

    I guess I’m having a similar problem here.

    I have a multiple days recurring event and on the booking calendar, there is only the first day that is highlight and not the 3 days slot of the event : enter image description here

    Thanks for your help


    Arthur Duflos

    Hi Arthur,

    Yes, that’s intentional as it allows you two distinguish between an event which starts on the 16th and ends 3 days later and one which starts on the 17th and ends three-days later. For the purposes of the selection you select the start date of the occurrence.

    Stephen Harris
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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