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    We’re getting the following error in the console when selecting a venue. So far we’ve tried multiple venues, reseting the API key, but the error remains. The map is stuck somewhere over the Atlantic.

    Any thoughts?

    MapInvalidValueError: setPosition: not a LatLng or LatLngLiteral: in property lat: not a number

    Cristian Muresan

    Are you using Google or OpenStreetMap? Can you share the address you have entered (if not here, then via this contact form:

    Stephen Harris

    Google and the address is I can even set you up with a test user if needed:

    3802 N. 53rd Ave, Suite 290, Phoenix, AZ 85031.

    Any address used will yield the same problem, this being one that we tried recently.

    The map feature works well in Edit Venue and we get the following coordinates in there.


    It just doesn’t work when we select that venue in Event Edit.

    Cristian Muresan

    Any chance this is an easy fix?

    Cristian Muresan

    Hi Cristian,

    I can’t replicate this issue, it’s possible a conflict with another plug-in. Are you able to provide a log-in to the site, and I can investigate further?

    Please provide any credentials via email or, but not on the forums.

    Stephen Harris

    Sent credentials via email.

    Other things we’ve tried in the meantime: disabled all plugins; tried a different theme.

    Cristian Muresan

    Hi Cristian,

    What email did you send the credentials to? I’ve not received any email.

    Stephen Harris

    Stephen, I did a bit more testing on this, by disabling all plugins and switching to the Twenty Twenty theme. The issue persists; however, I found a scenario where the issue disappears.

    If a user adds a venue when adding an event, it works.

    It only doesn’t work when the user selects a venue from the venue dropdown. I included a video of this here:

    Cristian Muresan

    Hi Cristian,

    I’ve identified the issue, and I’ve hot-fixed it on your site. I’ll be releasing an update shortly with this fix.

    Stephen Harris

    Sounds great! Thank you very much for your help!

    Cristian Muresan

    Did the fix end up in the current release? I’m getting the same error using the Front End Submissions form.

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    Winston Grace

    Yes this was fixed in the 3.9.0 release, but it wasn’t related to front end submission. Do you get any console errors?

    Stephen Harris
Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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