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    I bet you’re getting tired of me by now =)

    I’ve found myself in a couple of situations where it would be helpful to be able to manually edit the bookee information on a booking. One is the bug I reported where canceling a booking causes the admin who cancelled it to become the bookee.

    The other is in trying to manually add a booking, for instance when an event has sold out but you want to add one more booking, or drop one booking and replace it with another from a waiting list. It seems the only way to do this currently is through the front-end. So, I make a ticket available (either by adding an extra space or cancelling an existing booking), but I don’t want anyone else to take it while I book on behalf of the person I want to have it. To accomplish this, I put the site into maintenance mode with a plugin. But this means I can only see the page and register the user if I’m logged in, so I am automatically made the bookee when I try to submit the booking.

    Anyway, in both cases it would be very convenient to be able to edit the bookee post-registration. Would being able to do this cause any negative ramifications in other areas of the plugin? In both of my cases, my general settings are set to not require or make accounts for bookings, so I can imagine it might actually be problematic in cases where there is a user account tied to the booking…

    Natalie Parisi

    Additionally, being able to manually edit booking meta data would also be a welcome feature, as we’re finding that users tend to make a lot of mistakes and request changes.

    Natalie Parisi

    Hi Natalie,
    I meant to post an update here. You mentioned:

    …One is the bug I reported where canceling a booking causes the admin who cancelled it to become the bookee.

    just so you know this was fixed in 1.6.2 (released on 6th March 2014).

    Adding a booking via the admin is feature someone else had requested and it was looked into. However they were complications in that if the user is logged in the booking form assumes that it is that individual who is making the booking (rather than on behalf of). Development of this feature was subsequently shelved until the booking form API has been re-factored (there are some fairly important updates for the booking form in progress).

    However, even with that resolved you could only make a booking for available tickets (i.e. tickets which would available on the front-end). The reason is that a booking must reference one or more tickets (and a positive quantity for each). If those tickets are not available or sold out than the booking is rejected.

    As for editing bookings, this is on the todo list. The major difficulty in this is that some fields have restricted input (e.g. the bookee chose one from a list pre-selection options (checkboxes, radios, select etc). If when editing a booking it should also present these options things become ‘messy’ when you consider that the original booking field may have add options removed, changed or form itself deleted. The alternative is a ‘free input’ where the admin can enter almost anything they like – however this wouldn’t be suitable if bookees were to be allowed to edit their bookings.

    As I mentioned the booking form code base is getting a lot of focus in the next few updates – and while I can’t make any gurantees, the changes are being made with the above to features in mind (or at least not to make it more difficult). Of the two, editing bookings is more likely to be happen….

    Stephen Harris

    +1 for adding/editing bookings in the admin area. Any update on this please Stephen?

    David McCourt

    I’ll look into this for 1.12.0 with the particular aim of allowing a ticket to be added to an existing booking.

    Stephen Harris

    Hi Stephen,
    I think this it is really necessary to have an admin feature to allow updating booking data.
    People do make typing mistakes, and I don’t register bookees as users.
    Right now I have a first booking where the email address is missing a character , so the bookee can’t receive any confirmation or other emails.

    Can you please help?

    Sharon McErlane

    Hi Sharon,

    The 1.12.0 version will have the ability to change e-mail / name for users without accounts. For the time being, the only way to make this change is by editing the database directly. The appropriate keys are, in the wp_postmeta table (post ID matching the booking ID):

    • _eo_booking_anon_first_name
    • _eo_booking_anon_last_name
    • _eo_booking_anon_display_name
    • _eo_booking_anon_email
    Stephen Harris

    Hi Stephen,

    When will 1.12.0 be available ?
    We are looking to expand the usage of the plugin , but will really need to be able to edit all the bookee details using the plugin admin screens…

    The above reply is over a year old, so I hope we are getting close 😉

    Sharon McErlane

    Hi Stephen,
    Can you please let me know when we can expect this admin feature ?

    Sharon McErlane

    Hi Sharon,

    My apologies for not updating this ticket. This will be in the 2.0 Pro release which will be in public-beta next week. When it goes live will depend on the number (if any) issues that arise, but typically another two weeks.

    Stephen Harris

    Hi Stephen,
    That is great news 🙂 Happy to hear it and looking forward to try the new version.

    Sharon McErlane
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