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    I’m at a bit of a loss, but I suspect that it is because I don’t know the right terms to search for.

    We would like to be able to let our students add an event (which could be one-time events or recurring events) to their Google calendar (and ultimately other calendars). I see how people can subscribe to our entire calendar, but that is not what we want. Just one class or event at a time.

    Ideally it would be a link that we would include both on the event description page and in the confirmation email we send when they register (we use WooCommerce for registrations).

    The iCal Sync extension doesn’t seem to do it, nor does the Subscribe Link shortcode. Those seem to apply to our entire calendar.

    How can I accomplish this?


    Don Kiely

    Same here, it would be really handy to give visitors the option to add individual events to their iCal or Google calendar.

    René Vlak

    There’s no built in short code to output this, but the url [event-url]/feed/eo-events should allow you to subscribe to that one event. (That will include all dates if its a recurring event).

    Stephen Harris

    Thanks, Stephen! That looks promising. But I added /feed/eo-events to the end of the URL for one of our events, and it displayed some XML saying that comments are closed.

    To be painfully clear, do I correctly understand that the URL should look like this?

    Don Kiely

    Hi Stephen, unfortunately, for non-programmers it is still quite complex to automate this. It would really be useful if you could add this as a feature request to the development roadmap, particularly given that many competitor products already have the option to display an ‘Add to calendar’ button for individual events.

    For a different website, I managed to create a workaround, but this was quite some work and involved Elementor as well as the Post Link Shortcodes plugin. For the website I am currently working on, this is a no-go unfortunately.

    @Don, this is how I resolved it:

    • Created an Elementor template for single-event.php
    • Added a PHP snippet to get the current post ID
    • Created a shortcode with the ‘Post Link Shortcodes’ plugin, with the following format: [post_url {{return_post_id}}].
    • Added an Elementor block with a button
    • Set the link to contain the newly created shortcode
    • Used the ‘Advanced’ settings of the block to add the string ‘feed/eo-events’ to the output URL

    Obviously, you may be able to do this with other page builders as well, or – better – programme your own solution 🙂

    René Vlak

    Thanks, René!

    There are certainly ways to append the string to the URL (and I’m going to check out the Post Link Shortcodes plugin…sounds useful).

    Once I get confirmation about what the format of the URL should be, I’ll figure out a way to do this.

    Thanks for the tip!

    Don Kiely

    Good to hear, good luck and let us know how you resolved this!

    René Vlak

    Hi Don,

    That should be the right url. Can you confirm that www.[yoursite.com]/events/event/feed/eo-events returns an iCal feed? (It should be the for all events). If it doesn’t, could it be you have a plug-in that disables feeds? Not sure why you would get the message,

    What’s the url to the site?

    René, I’ll look into adding support for this. for the next update

    Stephen Harris

    Hi Stephen,

    Thanks, but that’s not the URL template I posted. It was:


    Note the [event-name] portion, which your URL template didn’t include.

    My original question was about how to provide an iCal link to a single event (which could have one or more recurring sessions), not our entire calendar feed. The entire calendar feed is useless to us, since no one is interested our entire class schedule cluttering their calendar. (Although admittedly our schedule during the pandemic and our traditionally slow summer season is very thin.)

    Your 24 July response suggests that by appending /feed/eo-events to the event URL it would provide an iCal link to the event. Did I misunderstand?

    Here’s an example link that gives the error:


    What am I not understanding?

    Thanks so much for your help!

    Don Kiely
Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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