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    Hello Everyone

    Is there anyway to set a date for bookings (start date) for that tickets are only available X days prior to the start date? Ie we run a hiking tour business and want to set a cut of date/time 2 days before the tours – as taking a order (ticket) sale 2 hours before the start date doesn’t make sense.

    Martin Suchta

    Hi Martin,

    It’s possible to specify an end date/time for a ticket (i.e. after which the ticket will no longer appear on sale). These appear as ‘sale period’ start/end datetimes when creating a ticket..

    If this is a recurring event for which you are selling tickets for individual dates that would probably be impractical to use (creating a ticket for each occurrence individually, and specify the sale period end date). For that there is a hook which would allow you to configure a ticket to be on/off sale based on some code. I can share an example if the above feature isn’t suitable.

    Stephen Harris

    Hello Stephen

    I would be so grateful if you could share the code for the above functionality.

    I definitely need the ability to set a X date prior to each ticket event date.

    For example I have a tour which can be purchased for every day from today to the end of the year. When I setup the ticket you are right I cannot set a 2 week prior to event on each ticket ticket (ie 1 for each day – over 300 tickets) so your code solution would be brilliant.

    Martin Suchta
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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