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    Hi Stephen,

    The full calendar on my site doesn’t load, just shows the dates and ‘loading’ on the screen. Even does it on the back end in WP Admin.

    I have tried deactivating and reactivating.


    Hi Mark

    You have a plug-in (Attracta Include it seems) that is printing scripts in response to the ajax request. I don’t think its suppose to be doing that. Try deactivating it and see if that fixes the calendars.

    Many thanks,


    Stephen Harris


    That was some SEO thing in the Cpanel I was playing with. I have disabled it but it’s still having issues.

    I have disabled all plug ins and it was still having issues.



    Wow that was a nuisance. It still was Attracta SEO causing the issue. I found the fix though. Thanks for the help!


    Awesome, feel free to post it here for anyone else – or better still contact the plug-in author and ask for them to get it fixed 🙂

    Stephen Harris

    The issue seems to affect other plugins. I found this thread that I followed.


    I’m having the same issue. I get a blank calendar with “Loading…”
    Please help!

    steve ferguson

    I just changed all of the events from recurring to one-time and they are now loading. Is there an issue with recurring events that prevents the calendar from loading?

    steve ferguson

    Not that I’m aware of. If its stuck on ‘loading’ its usually a jQuery problem (see FAQ for things to try). Do you have a link to the site?

    Stephen Harris

    Thanks for the response. The calendar is currently located at

    steve ferguson

    Hi Steve

    It’s working for me – are you still having problems? You said that it worked when you removed recurring events – could you add one for debugging purposes. That said, its unlikely to be anything wrong the plug-in – the demo has recurring events: probably a plug-in/ theme conflict somewhere. In any case – if you can reproduce the problem, I might be able to tell what’s going on.

    Stephen Harris

    OK, I’ve added a few recurring events and now it is no longer loading.

    steve ferguson

    Hi Steve,

    It seems January 2013 and before loads fine, but anything after the AJAX response reports a ‘500 Internal Server Error’. Perhaps something is conflicting with your server (though I’m perplexed as to what would cause this, or at least, only on some months and not others).

    What PHP version are using? Do you have access to any server logs that might be able to shed light on the problem? Does it occur only on the front-end, or on the admin calendar too?

    If there are details you think might be relevant but (for whatever reason) don’t wish to make them public, you can contact me directly.

    Stephen Harris

    The issue only seems to occur on the front-end. I can access the admin page fine. The web host says we’re running PHP v5.2 and we have basic logging running (browser versions, puts, gets, errors).

    steve ferguson

    Do the logs throw up any relevant errors? Have you tried disabling all other plug-ins. The fact that you can access it via the admin ok indicates there’s no conflict with the server per-se.

    Stephen Harris
Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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