iCal Sync 1.2 Released

Fresh of the back of Event Organiser 2.4 and the improvements added into the iCal parser, this update of iCal Sync not only takes advantage of the added support, but also now provides much better feedback on feed errors or warnings.

Improved Timezone Recognition

iCal Sync now is much better at interpreting timezones (and there is a filter available to ‘fix’ any mistakes or any timezones it can’t interpret). If it can’t determine the timezone, it no longers throws an error, but fallsback to your site’s timezone.

Improved Warning Feedback

Following on from the above, if it doesn’t immediately recognise the timezone, it’ll displaying a warning message indicating what it’s done:


While the timezone “(GMT+01.00) Amsterdam / Berlin / Bern / Rome / Stockholm / Vienna” is fairly unambiguous, the error message appears because its not natively understood by PHP.

Warning messages also appear for other instances where the feed could be read and imported, but may have contained errors which may need your attention.


The API for this extension is now documented at codex.wp-event-organiser.com ( See ical-functions section). Functions that are present in the iCal extension are marked “iCal”.

It’s not essential to upgrade to Event Organiser 2.4 before upgrading the iCal extension 1.2 but it’s strongly recommended.