Event Organiser 2.12.0 released

Event Organiser 2.12.0 was released today. It includes a number of bug fixes, including pre-emptive changes to ensure WordPress 4.2 compatibility.

WordPress 4.2 compatibility

WordPress 4.2 will introduce a breaking change. If you update to 2.12.0+ before or after updating to WordPress 4.2 (expected April 2015) then you shouldn’t encounter any problems. Although this issue will not affect most people, I’d encourage you to upgrade to 2.12.0 before WordPress 4.2. A more detailed explanation is given here.

fullCalendar attributes

There have been three new attributes added to the fullCalendar:

  • author – specifies the user ID whose events you wish to display
  • author_name – specifies the user_nicename of the user whose events you wish to display
  • event_tag – a tag slug or a comma-separated list of tags. Displays events with those tag(s).

Bug fixes

There a number of bug fixes which include UI improvements, suc improving the accessibility and responsiveness of the venue admin page, and preventing the venue drop-down in the admin calendar modal from disappearing off the edge of the modal.

The iCal feed has also had some issues addressed, such encoding HTML entities in an event’s summary and description, and using get_permalink() instead of get_the_permalink() (requires WordPress 3.9+).

A conflict with the Duplicate Post plug-in has also been addressed.

A full list can be found in the plug-in’s readme.txt.