Event Organiser Pro 1.11.3

Event Organiser Pro 1.11.3 is an important bugfix release to address a few issues that have been raised and to ensure compatibility with WordPress 4.4, which is due to be released December 8. Please note that if you update to WordPress 4.4 with Event Organiser Pro, venue meta queries and event-venue queries, including proximity queries …

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Event Organiser Pro 1.11.2

Event Organiser Pro 1.11.2 is a minor bugfix release to address a few issues that have come to light: Event search shortcode now uses the registered labels for taxonomies rather than hardcoding the labels (This means if you’re using changing the labels of the event category, venue or tag taxonomies, these are reflected in the …

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Attendee Questions

This tutorial requires 1.11.0 which at the time of writing is due to be released in the coming weeks. ‘Attendee Questions’ means form fields that are replicated on your booking form – one for each ticket selected in the booking. So if your bookings typically involve more than one ticket, this allows you, for example, …

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Event Organiser Pro 1.11.0 RC1

1.11.0 RC1 is now available upon request, with the intention of releasing 1.11.0 in the coming weeks. This release has been longer in the making than originally anticipated, but they are a lot of big improvements. Please note that the minimum requirement for Pro has been raised from Event Organiser 2.0.0 to Event Organiser 2.1.0 …

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Event Organiser FES 1.2.1

This is a patch release to address an error with the %submission_date% e-mail placeholder, which can be used in the notification settings to include the date of the event’s submission.

Event Organiser Pro 1.10.6

This a minor patch release which addresses the following: An incompatibility with the soon to be released WordPress 4.3 A missing anchor tag in the Dutch translation If you run WordPress 4.3 with Event Organiser Pro 1.10.5 or earlier, then the bookings admin a screen will not display any bookings.

Event Organiser 2.13.6

Event Organiser 2.13.6 has been released. This update addresses an incomparability with the soon to be released WordPress 4.3. When running WordPress 4.3 with Event Organiser 2.13.5 or earlier, the venue admin screen will not display any venues.

PayPal and auto-confirmation

In the past week some customers have been reporting that PayPal processed bookings have not been auto-confirming. From those reports it would seem that this issue has been occurring no earlier than the 1st July 2015. The issue is related to a PayPal url used for verifying the authenticity of PayPal Instant Payment Notifications (IPNs), …

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Event Organiser FES 1.2: Frontend Editing

Event Organiser FES 1.2.0 has now been released. This release fixes a few minor bugs, but is largely focussed on one new feature: front-end editing (of submitted events). Firstly, this is not enabled by default, and there is no UI option for it (at present). Instead, to enable this feature add: define( ‘EVENT_ORGANISER_FES_FRONTEND_EDITING’, true ); …

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Event Organiser Pro 1.10.0

This much awaited update introduces a number of significant improvements. Booking form templates now over-ridable by themes Previously only the (overall) booking form, and ticket picker were ‘templated’ (where templates are provided, and can be replaced by creating a template of the same name in your theme). Now, every field element is templated, giving you …

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