Event Organiser Pro 1.11.2

Event Organiser Pro 1.11.2 is a minor bugfix release to address a few issues that have come to light:

  • Event search shortcode now uses the registered labels for taxonomies rather than hardcoding the labels (This means if you’re using changing the labels of the event category, venue or tag taxonomies, these are reflected in the event search shortcode).
  • Fixes bug where ‘deselect all’ and selecting dates does not work when creating a new ticket.
  • Fixes booking form settings not updating.
  • Fixes event list shortcode generator: corrects labels, and includes missing attributes.
  • Fixes permission checks for bookings export: allow users with the permission to “manage others’ bookings” to export any bookings. Since 1.11.0, under certain circumstances users who couldn’t edit events but could “manage others’ bookings” were not able to export bookings.