Event Organiser Stripe 2.1.2

This is a minor bugfix update which addresses the following: Adds support for translations Adds Swedish translation Fixes a bug where the ‘book now’ button was not locked during Stripe API calls

FES 1.3.5 Security Release

An update for the front-end submissions extension was released today. This update includes a fix for a security vulnerability relating to Event thumbnails. Only sites allowing users to upload an event thumbnail are affected. The bug allows users, under certain circumstances, to circumvent the upload file type and size checks. Such files are still subject …

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PayPal Security Update

In April 2015 the PCI Security Standards Council issued guidance that SSL and early versions of TLS could no longer be considered secure. It set a deadline of June 30th 2016 for payment vendors to only allow connections over a TLS1.2 secured channels. As part of this, PayPal (and other payment vendors) have begun the …

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Event Organiser 3.0.0 release candidate 2

Event Organiser 3.0.0 is still on course to be released at the end of January. Find out what to expect in 3.0.0, and if you wish to get hold of 3.0.0 early please use the download link below. Download 3.0.0-rc-2

Event Organiser 3.0.0 (release candidate)

Event Organiser 3.0.0 is due to be released in January 2016, and is the biggest update to date. While there are some fairly obscure breaking changes, mostly the API changes are backwards compatible. There is, however, a major revamp of the calendar shortcode – and in particular its appearance – as well as some minor …

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Event Organiser 3.0.0: what’s changing

Event Organiser 3.0.0 changes the way the plug-in looks and, to a lesser degree, behaves on the front-end of your site, replaces some legacy API and increases the minimum WordPress version required. While these changes are intended to be improvements to the plug-in, and most can be easily reversed, because they may impact the front-end …

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Using cron jobs to import your iCal feeds

Event Organiser Sync lets you pull in events from any number of feeds, and to specify the frequency with which this is done. It relies on “WP Cron” to do this and requires no server configuration. WP Cron is a form of pseudo-cron that WordPress uses (e.g. to publish scheduled posts). It allows you to …

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Event Organiser iCal Sync 2.1.0

Event Orgnaniser iCal Sync 2.1.0 was released today. It updates the user interface, including improvements for accessibility; Adds a hook for filtering imported venues and exposes command line commands through WP-Cli. Documentation regarding the venue hook and WP-Cli support can be found here: http://docs.wp-event-organiser.com/importing-events/importing-events-from-an-ical-feed/

Event Organiser & WordPress 4.4

Update (9th December): 2.13.7 has been released to address the bug with the event list widget and WordPress 4.4 A bug in WordPress 4.4 has been reported (and a patch submitted) which may cause a warning on the single event page. A workaround is enable Tags in Settings > Event Organiser > General No conflict …

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Event Organiser FES 1.3

Templates All form elements now have corresponding templates (though some, such as the input and number fields, share the same template). This templates live in event-organiser-fes/templates/elements/ and include template parts for form labels, descriptions and error message. You can over-ride a template by copying it the root of your theme. Added elements There have been …

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