Affiliates Scheme Launched

I’m pleased to announce that the affiliate program for Event Organiser has just been launched.

We consider Event Organiser to be the best event management plug-in for WordPress, and we want to reward those who not only agree, but who agree enough to tell others. Referrals which result in a successful sale earn you 25% of the checkout total – so you could easily be receiving £30 per sale.

It doesn’t stop there… this isn’t just for “Pro” sales… we’ve got a whole host of add-ons in the pipeline which you could be earning commission on too: ICAL sync, Front-End submissions, Event Board (think pinterest meets your events list), Discount Codes, and lots more. We’ll be revealing about these at a later date.

Sign up for the program here.

Do you think Event Organiser is worth recommending?

Have you written (or are writing) a review on Event Organiser? If so let us know – we’d love to hear from you! If Event Organiser is to continue to be the best events WordPress plug-in then we’re going to need to continue getting feedback from you, our users, on what you like, what could be improved and what you’d like to see in the future.