We consider Event Organiser to be the best WordPress event management plug-in out there. If you agree, then you can earn up to 25% of sales for introducing it others as part of our Affiliate Scheme.

Join our affiliate scheme, and for every referral which results in a payment, you will receive 25% of the check out total. That means you could earn up to £30 per sale.


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Becoming an affiliate

Terms & Conditions

  • Affiliates must have a PayPal account. Payments are made only through PayPal.
  • Payments are sent around the first Monday of the month for sales from the previous month. Please allow a week for receipt.
  • Payments will be made regardless of the sales volume.
  • You cannot receive affiliate commissions for yourself. Attempting to do so will result in immediate termination of your affiliate membership. Monies not yet paid out to you will be withheld.
  • We reserve the right to cancel your affiliate membership at any time without prior notice or consent.
  • We want affiliate members to be promoting Event Organiser because they genuinely regard it to be a recommendable WordPress plug-in. For this reason, commissions will not be paid to “coupon code aggregators”. What constitues a “coupon code aggregator” is determined at our discretion.

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If you wish to use banners to promote Event Organiser, we’ve made a few that you can use. Or you can make your own. We’re not fussy. (But we ask that you don’t pretend to be us).

Please do not link to these files directly as their names and location are subject to change.