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    Hi there,

    I updated my license on the 21st and I just noticed the ical extension has stopped fetching. I’ve tried to fetch manually several times but it doesn’t seem to upload any new events. I can see new events on the calendar I am trying to fetch from, but they don’t appear on the site. The extension claims it has done the fetch. My license key appears valid (as in, the box is green). Any idea what it could be?


    Shimrit Elisar

    Hi Shimrit,

    The license key wouldn’t prevent events from fetching. Could you post the URL of the feed you’re syncing with, and the name of an event that you’re missing from your site?

    Stephen Harris
    Shimrit Elisar

    Update: I thought maybe the feed has gotten too big, so I created filtered feeds for several categories and tried to fetch them individually. The new feeds say they have been fetched and list a number of events that have been fetched, but the events don’t appear on the calendar itself. Maybe this helps identify the problem?



    Shimrit Elisar

    Hi Shimrit,

    I tested the feed and I think it was getting too long to process all events (i.e. its timing out, or running out of memory). I had better success using the WP-Cli command (see the bottom of this page https://wp-event-organiser.com/extensions/event-organiser-ical-sync/). You could try setting that up as a cron job on your server (your hosting provider might provide a way of setting up cron jobs)

    If you can split up the feed – or exclude old events if these aren’t necessary to show – that would also reduce the time/memory required.

    Stephen Harris

    Thank you.

    I spent a few hours on it today. Smaller feeds were not loading into it either. Rather than timing out, the event count was being updated but the events were not appearing. I’ve changed the main feed now so it’s smaller too, anyway, as that was one of the things I was testing, so it’s good to know that was part of the problem.

    I found there was another odd issue going on. The import was set to have the status of each event the same as in the exporting calendar, but for some reason it wasn’t showing them as published. When I changed the settings to force a published status, the events appeared.

    Shimrit Elisar
Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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