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    Translation from english to french is very good for past events but does not occur for incoming events.

    You can see the difference from that calendar if you look at a past event or a future event.

    Thans for your great job

    Jacques Martinette

    Jacques Martinette


    Correction to my previous post the bug(is-this a bug?) occur when the event had recurrence

    the sentence:
    This event is running from 22 avril 2013 until 26 avril 2013. It is next occurring on 22 avril 2013 5:00pm.
    is not translate
    Upcoming Dates:
    is not traslate

    Jacques Martinette

    Hi Jacques,

    Yup, strings change from version to version, and those were recently added – as such until the po/mo files are updated to reflect the changes they won’t be automatically translated. Feel free to contact me ( ) if you’re able to contribute corrections/updates in that respect 🙂

    Stephen Harris
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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