Ticket being sold beyond limit set in 'Spaces'

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    (Apologies if this isn’t a bug – I wasn’t sure where to post it)

    A client of mine has an issue where they set limited number of “Spaces” per ticket, but tickets continue to be sold beyond this number

    For example, a particular event has multiple ticket types, each ticket set with a limit of 4 spaces, but they’ve inadvertently sold 5 of some ticket types.

    Is this user-error or a bug? Any help you can give would be gratefully recieved

    Shaun Woods

    Hi Shaun,

    No, it generally shouldn’t be possible to sell tickets beyond the number that is set.

    Some import points to note though:

    • If selling by date, the limit applied per date. E.g. I have a weekly event, and have a ticket with 5 spaces. Each event occurrence will have an availability of 5 spaces (assuming I’m selling by date).
    • If a booking is pending and pending bookings are configured so as not to reserve spaces the tickets will be ignored when calculating availability.

    The most likely explanation for what you’re seeing is the second point. To check this, go to Settings > Event Organiser > Bookings – are pending bookings ‘reserved’? You can also check the bookings for the event, are there any pending?

    Stephen Harris
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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