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    I am getting this “ERROR: Some fields are not valid” when i try to register for an event while logged in as admin. subscriber users do not have this issue. I’m only able to deduce its because the account is an admin account.

    Osyrus Kimathi

    As discussed via e-mail, I wasn’t able to replicate this issue. However, another customer reported a similar issue and they were able to provide log-in access to the site. This helped identify the bug: If the booking form requires a second name be provided, but the logged-in user does not have a second name entered in their profile then the booking fails because the user cannot enter the required second name (the name field is removed from the form for logged-in users).

    The same is true for the first name, but the plug-in uses the user’s display name as their first name if no first name has been entered in the profile.

    The booking fails with the generic error message reported, but the error message indicating that a second name must be provided is not visible because it corresponds to a removed field (the name field).

    A future update will ignore the name field entirely for logged-in users. That is, even if required, logged-in users will not see the field (as is currently the case), and a booking will still succeed even if they do not have a first/last name entered in their profile.

    Stephen Harris

    That did it. The admin account didn’t have a first and last name set.

    Thank you.

    Osyrus Kimathi
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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