shortcodes are duplicating page content, map shortcode no longer showing

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    Hi Stephen,

    I was using the event list shortcodes on two pages and the google maps shortcode on another. They were all working fine. After updating both the plug-in and the theme, the google maps shortcode stopped working altogether and the pages with the event list shortcode started duplicating content and displaying an incorrectly-formatted list with huge spaces between entries. As only the pages with the eo_events shortcodes are being duplicated (“sprachkurse” and “events”), I assume the issue is with the plug-in, possibly incompatibility with something else on the site (WPML for example?) Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Sam

    Samantha Park

    Hi Sam,

    I’ve not been able to replicate this bug. Does it persist if you deactivate all other plug-ins and switch to TwentyEleven/TwentyTwelve theme?

    Regarding the Google maps not appearing do you have any other Google map related plug-ins activated ( some of these plug-ins ‘turn off’ the Google maps feature of other plug-ins – due to changes made in 1.7 this now includes Event Organiser’s google maps).

    Stephen Harris

    Deactivating WPML seems to have solved the problem. Unfortunately this is not an option, as the site needs to be available in more than one language. Could it be a simple setting in WPML that is causing problems? Or is the plug-in just not compatible with WPML?

    Samantha Park

    Just to clarify, the problem that was solved was the page duplication, the strange formatting persists.

    Please help!

    Samantha Park

    Please help! The eo_events shortcode is duplicating content whenever WPML is activated and I need both!

    Samantha Park

    Hi Samantha,

    Apologies for not getting back to you sooner. Is all content on the page (i.e. text along with the shortcode) being duplicated, or just the shortocode?

    This may seem odd, but have you tried using the shortcode with template tags, e.g

    [eo_events] %event_title% [/eo_events]

    Does the duplication persist?

    Stephen Harris

    Yes, all content is being duplicated, but only on the pages where I have used shortcodes. Using template tags improves the formatting but doesn’t stop the duplication unfortunately. And for some reason the date is misbehaving.

    Samantha Park


    I’ve stumbled across the same problem of duplicated content with wpml when using the shortcode in the editor and directly in the template.

    I found that the problem can be resolved by removing the call to wp_reset_query() on line 208 in classes/class-eo-event-list-widget.php

    It seems like a good workaround for now.

    Jonathan Berger

    Ah that should be wp_reset_postdata() instead! Good catch!

    Stephen Harris

    Problem solved. Cheers guys!

    Samantha Park
Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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