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    is it possible to remove or edit the “Submitted by” data of certain events? We can’t store this data forever because of data privacy reasons, but would nevertheless like to keep the event itself.

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    The ID (if they are logged in) of the user submitting the event is stored in the post meta of the event with key _eventorganiser_fes_user. The name will be stored under _eventorganiser_fes_fname and _eventorganiser_fes_lname, and the email _eventorganiser_fes_email.

    If the ID is present and corresponds to a user’s account then the name and email is inherited form the corresponding user.

    If you didn’t want to store this data at all you could hook into eventorganiser_fes_submitted_event and delete it. This is untested but should work:

    add_action('eventorganiser_fes_submitted_event', function($event_id) {
        //delete_post_meta($event_id, '_eventorganiser_fes_user');
        delete_post_meta($event_id, '_eventorganiser_fes_fname');
        delete_post_meta($event_id, '_eventorganiser_fes_lname');
        delete_post_meta($event_id, '_eventorganiser_fes_email');

    You may want to keep _eventorganiser_fes_user has it just stores an ID and not personal identifiable information (assuming that the corresponding user account has personal information removed). There is only an ID stored if the user submitting the event does so while logged-in.

    If you wanted to be able manually delete/edit the information. That’s not possible. But you could create custom functionality to update/delete that data, it would just need to modify the above post meta keys for that event.

    Stephen Harris
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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