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    I’m trying to use the iCal feed of a Event Organiser calendar on one WordPress site to feed an Event Organiser calendar on another WordPress site. I’ve got the first site exporting the iCal feed, and then the second site with the iCal Sync plugin to import the feed. It’s importing, but not all data.

    It imports the venue name, but none of the details (address, etc.) and it only imports a truncated post, not the whole thing.

    Russ Weller

    Hi Russ,

    Unfortunately the iCal specifications ( doesn’t provide support for venue details beyond a single field and the latitude/longitude co-ordinates. Those co-ordinates aren’t present in the Event Organiser feed because previously this caused Google calendar to reject the feed. I’ll test this again to see if the issues has been resolved, but you can also edit templates/ical.php to include the co-ordinates.

    Regarding the post content. The iCal feed specifies that only text (not HTML) can be supplied as the description, so the excerpt is used. However it does allow for “alternate text representation”, and this will be used in 2.7 (Event Organiser) to include the full event content as HTML (pending tests that it doesn’t interfere with any major iCal readers).

    Stephen Harris
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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