not able to use Ideal payment gateway when using event_booking_form shortcode

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    hi Stephen,

    I am using an event_booking_form shortcode on my home page and I am able to see all form fields and able to enter values. When I hit the submit button, it does not go to the Mollie test page (in sandbox mode) but goes to my home page concatenated with #eo-bookings

    When I do the same from the event page itself (with all event details and booking form), it works fine.

    Jos den Hollander

    Do you have a link to the page? Also, is this issue specific to the iDeal gateway (I doubt that it is) – try using another gateway if you can.

    Stephen Harris

    (Just to test that is! I don’t mean to suggest, you should just switch payment gateway providers 🙂 )

    Stephen Harris

    hi Stephen, I tried Paypal and that doesn’t work either. For your reference, I made a test page that shows this behaviour:

    Jos den Hollander

    Thanks Jos,

    I’ve identified a bug with the booking form shortcode which affects non-recurring events, when the ‘book by series’ is not disabled. I shall aim to have a fix released next week.

    A workaround is to enable the ‘book series’ option. If you have a recurring event this means you are selling tickets for the entire event series (i.e. not individual dates). In your case, the event is not recurring so the distinction isn’t relevant. (I’m assuming you are not planning on selling tickets for individual dates on other recurring events).

    The bug only impacts the booking form shortcode, but I gather that using the default event page booking form is not a suitable option for you.

    Stephen Harris

    hi Stephen, I updated my site with the release of April 27 but it still does not work. Error message I get:

    Select an event
    Select a ticket

    Jos den Hollander

    Hi Jos,

    I’m really sorry about that. The fix for that issue was accidentally omitted from the release. I’ll aim to have anther update out tomorrow.

    Stephen Harris
Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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