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    Not sure why this is happening, but I am getting multiple tickets of the same type showing, so instead of one instance of Adult and one instance of Concession showing, I get two of each (see

    It is not a serious issue, but it is annoying.

    Kim Harding

    Hi Kim,

    It looks like you’ve got two identical pairs of tickets (they have different IDs). However, the two adult tickets and two concession tickets have the same ‘order’ attribute value, so that might explain why you’re only seeing two tickets in the edit event page.

    I’ll try and replicate this and deploy an update in the next few days. Please note, once resolved you’ll see all 4 tickets in the edit event page – but you shouldn’t delete the duplicate ones, as prior bookings may have booked using those tickets.

    Is the duplicate tickets happening for every event, or just this particular one?

    Stephen Harris

    It doesn’t happen every time, but it has happened before. I ended up deleting the event and creating a new one, as the number of tickets increased every time I edited the event.

    Kim Harding

    I’ve just tried altering the database values on a test site to try and replicate this – but I’m not able to replicate the issue. I made an assumption that you can only see one of each ticket in the edit event page – is that the case?

    Stephen Harris

    After viewing the page and going back to edit the additional did appear in the edit page, so I tried deleting them and they kept coming back.

    But just recently I deleted them and they haven’t reappeared since. Really not sure what is going on.

    Kim Harding

    Im having the same issue.

    When I or my colleague add tickets for an event, it seems to add duplicates the ticket sometimes.

    Michael Fritz

    It affect series with multiple events. When I create tickets, every time I save, the tickets will not be updated but created anew.

    here is a descrioption of the problem.

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    Michael Fritz

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for reporting the bug. I’ve just sent you an email about this.

    Stephen Harris
Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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