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    Hi there

    First I wanted to say thank you for the plugin. It’s really flexible and the online solution, which comes at least close to what im looking for.

    I just purchased FES and I’m a little surprised. It’s super unflexible.

    I’m having the following problems/requests.


    1. I want to get rid of the “You’re logged in as…” at the very top
    2. I want to hide the label for some input fiels, sadly there’s a floating “*” there then. Since it’s required obviously.
    3. I wan’t to be able to easily change some text, which get pulled through the languages files. For example. “Even start”…. It’s not an event in my case, I need to be able to change this, withouth editing the source code.
    4. I want to hide the hours (in the timepicker) I’m not showing in my fullcalendar (during the night and evening)
    5. A 15min interval at the minutes would be great. 1min is just silly.
    6. Hide the checkbox and label for “All day” (I’m really surprised there is no option already to hide this)
    7. Radio buttons instead of check boxes when chosing “Categories”. I don’t want multiple selections.
    8. And very important. I need to be able to easily edit an event after submission. Maybe with a click on the event in the full calendar? I don’t need the fancy event overview… If it’b be possible to replace this site with an “Edit event” page (if wanted) that’d be great!
    9. And being able to place start and end input fields side by side, rather than under each other, that’d be good. Those long, almost empty fields are a little confusing.


    1. Show custom field (not only time and title) I provided with the FES
    2. Underlay some times (namely lunch 12-13 o’clock) with a light grey

    Thank you very much for your efforts.

    Kind regards, Ph.

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    Philipp B.

    Hi Philipp,

    That’s quite a list 🙂


    add_filter( 'eventorganiser_fes_form_display_notices', function( $notices ) {
        unset( $notices['logged-in-as']  ); //remove logged-in-as notice
        return $notices;
    } );

    2) The FES plugin contains a templates directory containing the event form templates. You can copy those files and put the in the root of your theme directory and edit them there. In particular you can edit eo-event-form-label.php to remove the asterix completely, or hide it if the label is empty.

    3) As above, see templates/elements/eo-event-form-event-startend.php

    4/5) I’m a bit confused here, I’ve probably misunderstood you: you want to hide the hours, but select minutes in 15 increments? The timepicker is incremental in 5 minutes, but you can also enter the minute manually.

    You can remove those fields there too. Just make he all-day checkbox a hidden field with value 1 to make the event ‘all day’.

    6) See above

    7) In includes/class-eo-walker-event-category-checklist.php there is a class EO_Walker_Event_Category_Checklist – you just want to change ‘checkbox’ to ‘radio’. It’s a bit more involved if you want to achieve this without editing the plug-in files, but it’s possible: In your theme’s functions.php create a copy EO_Walker_Event_Category_Checklist (rename it) and make the appropriate change, then in the templates/elements/eo-event-form-event-category.php (copy it to your theme first) add to the arguments passed to eo_event_category_checklist()

    'walker' => new Name_Of_Walker_Class(),

    (obviously replace with the name of the class you created).

    8) Try:

    add_filter('eventorganiser_calendar_event_link', function($link, $event_id){
         if(current_user_can('edit_event', $event_id)) {
             return eo_fes_event_edit_link($event_id);
         return $link;

    then update an event to clear the calendar cache. Since the calendar is cached, you might see that users who can’t edit the event, still have an ‘edit’ link. They still can’t edit the event. If it causes user experience issues, then I can show you how to disable the event calendar cache.

    9) As with (2), the template is editable. It might even need only a few CSS changes. Every theme is different (and the plug-in leaves much of the styling to the theme) so I can’t offer an upfront example of how to do this.

    Fullcalendar (1), there is a filter for changing the title of the event as it appears in the calendar. Or do you mean, the tooltip? (There is another filter for that too)

    (2) -Is that the times that appear as labels on the calendar on the axis? I’m not sure this one is possible…

    I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.

    Stephen Harris

    Dear Stephen

    I’m sorry I didn’t answer sooner.

    Thank you very much for your efforts. I’m really sorry to say it, but it seems like “Event Organiser” is just not the fitting product for my case.
    It are just way to much hacks needed, I think this can be done easier.
    It really seems to be great for events and is mostly flexible, it’s just I’m more looking for a typical calendar you’re used to, if your using Outlook for example.

    I barely dare to ask at this point, but if a refund would be possible I’d be pretty happy. Sorry!



    Philipp B.

    Hi Philipp,

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. You’re refund has been processed.

    Stephen Harris
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