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    I provided the installation from the Install plugin admin menu at the latest version of WP. The installation was without any error message. But during the activation of the plugin i get:

    There has been an error with Event Organiser. One or more tables are missing:


    Please try re-installing the plugin.

    I tryied to reinstall it several times but the problem is still present. Thanks for help.

    Kamil Konečný

    Hi Kamil,

    Do you know if the mysql account that WordPress uses has permission to create tables. The MySQL commands are fairly simple, and this is the first time I have known this to happen, so I suspect it could be permissions issue.

    If you are comfortable accessing the database server then you could manually create the tables, but failing that if you are able to provide access to the site I could investigate the issue more.

    Stephen Harris

    Hello Stephen,
    I’m sure that the permission is correct, I was installing WooCommerce and other plugins without problems.
    Where I find the tables definition?

    Kamil Konečný

    See https://github.com/stephenharris/Event-Organiser/blob/develop/includes/event-organiser-install.php#L63

    You could add checks for $wpdb->last_error to see what the error says. What version of MySQL are you running?

    Stephen Harris
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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