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    Hi – Since the recent update to the Plugin – the Venue Map generated from [eo_venue_map] no longer displays.

    Hope you can help sort.


    Ray Duffill
    HU12 Online hyperlocal website

    Ray Duffill

    Hi Ray,

    This is working for me – do you get any browser errors? Can you show how you’re using the shortcode (i.e. attributes) and where you’re using it (i.e. in the event content, or in page content?).



    Stephen Harris

    Hi Stephen

    I’m using it in the event content in its basic form – create an event, set the venue, then add [eo_venue_map] to the end of the event content.
    Everything was working fine until the plugin update.

    Use Chrome, but get the same blank space where a map should be in IE as well.



    Ray Duffill

    If it helps – in Venues, when I try to view or get a link, then this doesn’t show either. For example for I get the error message as: Blog Archives Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.


    Ray Duffill

    The last post it sounds like it could be a permalink clash. I’ll deal with that next.

    Regarding the maps, they appear ok at – but as you’ve reported, they’re not appearing in the single event page.

    On the event single page I get these errors in my browser console:

    Warning: you have included the Google Maps API multiple times on this page. This may cause unexpected errors.

    main.js:28 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘offsetWidth’ of null

    Do you have any other plug-ins installed that might be using Google Maps? Specifically one that loads: I’ve noticed you’ve got a geo-location plugin installed – it could be that one?

    Let me know if deactivating that plug-in works. I can’t see where it is being used on that page – so it could be the plug-in isn’t checking if its needed. In fact I think it is the second error that is causing this particular problem (you should be able to have both plugins running together).

    Stephen Harris

    I will open up another thread for the venue issue…

    Stephen Harris

    Hi Stephen,

    Am suffering the same scenario with all published events showing blank space instead of maps, which were all present in v.1.5.7. I tried reinstalling all the files in /wp-content/plugins/event-organiser and this resolved the display issue, but then caused a problem with new events and updated existing events where upon saving they would lose their date and timestamps for each event – presumably due to changes in the DB tables as part of the update?

    I did also backpedal our database to before the upgrade and everything was OK then with 1.5.7, but we would then have had to recreate newer entries. I may yet do this if you are unable to resolve this display issue within the next few hours/days. FYI, we’re not running any other Google Maps plugins …

    TIA, Gadge

    Gadge Colwell

    Dear Stephen,

    I’m encountering a similar, possibly related problem. The upgrade has caused the base tabs on any page using [eo_venue_map] to mis-format (see, for example, and compare it to other pages).


    Christopher Whitehouse

    @Gadge Colwell
    Hopefully this can be resolved in the next few days. Can you give me a link to your site? Are you getting any console errors?

    Could you open a separate thread for this. I think your problem is different from the reset. Specifically it seems to be a CSS issue regarding UI-tabs.


    Stephen Harris

    @Ray if you can let me know if that plug-in was conflicting with EO that would be great – may help determine what (if any) common factors there are with @George’s site.

    Stephen Harris

    @Christopher I had a look at your problem and it seems that /wp-content/plugins/event-organiser/css/eventorganiser-admin-fresh.css?ver=1.6.1 and /wp-content/themes/Studio-Moosh-Custom-Theme/functions/css/shortcodes.css are both using .ui-tabs-selected and that’s seemingly causing a conflict – no expert here but hope you can get this resolved …

    @Stephen thanks for the response – site is – I hadn’t thought to use Console but it turned out to provide the answer (lesson learned)! Result from an event entry page not displaying a map:
    Error: Invalid value for property : 11
    Have been using zoom property on all events previously – just removed it from the only two future published events in 2013 and it’s now working! 🙂
    Did you remove that property intentionally on 1.6.* perhaps?

    Rgds, Gadge

    P.S. Thanks also for fixing the Upcoming Events widget that wasn’t previously displaying the forwards/backwards arrow buttons, that have been missing in the last few versions of 1.5.*

    Gadge Colwell

    Amendment to previous as the property type wasn’t displaying unless I add spaces, thus:
    Error: Invalid value for property : 11

    Gadge Colwell

    Grr! I’ll use regular brackets instead – the greater-than and lesser-than arrows display in preview mode – guess they need escaping here?
    Error: Invalid value for property (zoom) : 11
    If it doesn’t work this time then I won’t bore you any further! 🙂

    Gadge Colwell

    Hi Gadge,

    I know enough now to investigate this now :).

    To summarise, it seems that the error your are seeing is due to a genuine bug (will investigate further). @Christopher’s issue is CSS related – and I still need to look into how that can be avoided. While I still think @Ray’s bug is actually a plug-in conflict.

    Stephen Harris

    Found the bug. Opened up this ticket, patch included. Will include this in 1.6.2

    Thanks for getting back to me Gadge!

    Stephen Harris
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