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    My question is a two parter.

    1. On the map, when you hover over the markers, is there a way to show the venue address? On Google maps this happens and if you click in the event details it will pop up the address.

    2. Within Event Details, I need to change the font size and I don’t know where to go for that.

    Bryan Wooding

    Hi Bryan,

    Is this the map on the front-end submission form, or on the single event page, or from a shortcode?

    At present the front-end submission form doesn’t display a tooltip, but I shall look into that.

    The events page map / map from the shortcode display a tooltip when you click on the marker. (There is a shortcode option to toogle this on/off, see the examples on this page).

    Regarding font-sizes, the best thing to do is to edit the style.css file of your (child) theme. I wasn’t sure if you meant event details on the submission form, or the single event page – if you let me know exactly what needs adjusting then I can be more specific in what you would need to do.

    Stephen Harris
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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