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    after migrating from test to live system our EO Pro license key is now labeled as “invalid”, though we removed the pro plugin from the test system.

    Could you clear the license to ensure EO Pro is working on the live system?



    Marcel Huppert

    Hi Marcel,

    I’ve done that for you. It is now also possible to do this yourself via your account (Licenses tab). You will need to ensure the license key is removed from the staging/development site first to prevent it re-registering use of the key.

    Stephen Harris

    Dear Stephen,

    it seems I have the same problem with the license of the Venue Marker plugin (and maybe with Event Organiser Pro I did not installed, because I only needed a license for support). That my license is marked as invalid can be related to the fact that I was migrated with my website.



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    Denise Wunder

    Hi Martin,

    You can clear the site from your license in your account.

    Stephen Harris
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
To enable me to focus on Pro customers, only users who have a valid license for the Pro add-on may post new topics or replies in this forum. If you have a valid license, please log-in or register an account using the e-mail address you purchased the license with. If you don't you can purchase one here. Or there's always the WordPress repository forum.