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    Somehow my ical sync is broken.

    I go to my page where i have the shortcode and then to the sync option page and no update is made.

    Is there any log that i can track to check errors?


    Joao Pereira

    Hi Joao,

    The shortcode is to provide a link for someone to subscribe to your site’s feed. The iCal sync page allows you to automatically pull in iCal feeds from external sites. You can manually pull in the feed, or set it to automatically update at regular intervals.

    The shortcode and iCal sync features are entirely separate things. Can you describe the steps you are doing, and what you expect and what you see?

    Stephen Harris

    i have it to sync every 5minutes. But it doesn’t goes by himself.

    Joao Pereira

    Does it sync manually? On the admin page where you add the iCal urls, do you see any error / success messages? Can you give an example of an iCal url that you are using?

    Stephen Harris

    Yes. Manually it works.

    Joao Pereira

    Ok, in the first instance you might want to get the plugin Cron Control to first verify that the cron job is actually running.

    Assuming it is, do you have any permissions/role based plugins? The cron job runs as a non-authenticated user. Some plugins which restrict access (e.g. membership plugins) do not take account of this. It may mean events can’t be updated/created.

    After an automatic sync, do you get any error/success messages on the iCal feed page?

    Stephen Harris

    Thanks for help.
    Since a security update, it was added a define(‘DISABLE_WP_CRON’, true);

    Joao Pereira

    You’re welcome, glad that’s sorted for you now.

    Stephen Harris
Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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