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    I am looking to replace Tribe Events Calendar and your Events Organiser Pro looks interesting

    Can we turn off the map feature on the edit event screen and everywhere else – we have no need for it at all?

    I need to collect information per user attending – is this possible within the booking form – to have an area that is repeated per ticket purchased – is I buy 3 tickets, I see that area 3 times over?

    I need to have leaders – guides – this is similar to venue – easier to add using ACF I guess?

    In the ticket booking form – is it easy to change the word ‘ticket’ and also what appears on the button?

    Venue picker is slightly out on my screen – misalignment of the buttons on Safari on the Mac

    David Miles
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    Sorry, when I put the website in I did not realise it appeared as the head of the post – apologies for looking like I was spamming the forum with a URL

    David Miles
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    Hi David,

    There’s no way to disable the venue map (without also disabling venues completely). It is easily removed from the front-end, however.

    As for per-attendee form fields, yes it is possible, but only through code (not the form customiser). So you can set use the form customer for your booking related questions, and then use a bit of code to store attendee related questions. There is a tutorial here:

    For guides, you could use ACF or a custom taxonomy (that is what a venue is).

    You can change the button text using the form customer, and for ‘ticket’ there is a template in the plugin which you can copy to your theme and edit it there.

    I’ll investigate the button misalignment, thanks for reporting it!

    Stephen Harris
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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