How to add categories to the iCal feed?

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    Is it possible (and if YES, how) to add a category to an event, which came through the iCal feed into WP?

    I had a lot of categories, since I sync them with Google, they all gone. 🙁

    Thanks in advance,

    Dirk Zemisch

    When you are importing a feed you can elect to import the feed into a particular category or import the events into their respective categories has dictated by the feed itself. If you haven’t opted to import into a particular category, it could be bug. In which case could you provide the url of the feed? (If you’d rather it not be public, you can e-mail it here:

    Stephen Harris

    No prob with giving the URL of the feed here, it contains only some events from the regional football league. It seems to be private, but ist isn’t.


    Interesting: After some syncs I’ve got some categories (not all)- but where they are stored in the (Google)calendar? I can’t see them there. And as the plugin only reads from Google (on way sync), I have to input the category somewhere in the calendar.

    In my test I exported the events from my blog, imported into Google, deleted them in the blog (events only) und then activated the sync (with the setting “Use category specified in feed”).

    Thanks in advance. Dirk

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    Dirk Zemisch

    Hi Dirk,

    I removed the url since I believe the private url doesn’t mean it can’t be accessed by unauthorised users, but rather, it contains private events. From Google calendar:

    This is the private address for this calendar. Don’t share this address with others unless you want them to see all the events on this calendar.

    Anyway, the feed doesn’t contain any categories. In fact it seems Google calendar ignores “categories” entirely, and just expects you to create a different calendar for each category. So it would be possible to import each calendar (read category) separately and set the category in Event Organiser (i.e. import to category X), but otherwise I can’t see anywhere on Google where you can give an event a category….

    Stephen Harris
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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