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    Hello! Yesterday calendar worked well. And today it looks like this.
    Why is this?

    Alex Yustus

    Seems to be a jQuery issue relating to qTip. I can’t say why it worked before, and not today. Have you updated any plug-ins or theme’s? My first suggestion would be to switch to TwentyTwelve to see if its a theme conflict that we can resolve.

    Otherwise, what other plug-ins do you have installed?

    Stephen Harris

    On the default theme it works. I use the theme http://www.prophotoblog.com. A few days ago theme updated. Developers wrote a letter. But I decided to ask you, too.


    Sadly, that each of the developers of the problems coming down the other. Create your product and nothing more, and no one cares. ((((


    Hi Alex – not sure I understand your last post. And wrote a letter? Who to? Seems like its a theme problem – but I can’t test it as its a premium plugin. From what I can see the problem is likely to be with the theme’s handling of jQuery.

    Stephen Harris
Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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