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    Is there a way of adding the FES form to the Full Calendar widget so that you can click on a day that does NOT have an event and that day becomes the default day of the booking being made?

    The customer then fills in the rest of the form and the dates they have requested are marked pending until approved so no one else can book them?

    Can the FES form be modal, or be used by a modal plugin like OceanWP modal?

    Cheers, Vic

    Vic Ratnieks
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    Hi Vic,

    Unfortunately the public calendar doesn’t have that functionality. Events created through FES can be marked pending until published by a user with sufficient privileges.

    I’ve not used OceanWP, but if it supports shortcodes, then I suspect it should be possible.

    Stephen Harris
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    So when they are marked pending, can the public see them as such on the calendar?

    Cheers, Vic

    Vic Ratnieks
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    PS. Which is what I want, for people to see that someone else has already tentatively booked that date, but should not stop them trying to book over those dates either.

    Vic Ratnieks
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    No, pending events are not visible on the public calendar.

    If you wanted them to be public you could register a custom post status and automatically assign them that status. However, any logic (e.g. allowing or not allowing bookings) for a particular event status would have to be implemented yourself.

    Events are just a post type, so you can use register_post_type ( to register a new post type with 'public' set to true. It should then behave like a “confirmed” event. If you wanted to prevent bookings for an event with that new post type you could change the booking form template to remove the form. (templates/eo-booking-form.php)

    Stephen Harris
Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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